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Anarchists 아나키스트 2000

anarchists1.jpgAs opposed to Korean- Japanese co-productions, Korean-Chinese productions usually work out. The first such co-production ever, Anarchists is a typical coming-of-age gangster movie, but with anarchists instead of gangsters. Set in 1920’s Shanghai it tells the story of a tightly knit group of übercool Korean anarchists who have joined countless other Koreans in exile in China. There they continue their struggle against the Japanese colonizers. And boy, do they do so in style! Read the rest of this entry »


Typhoon 태풍 2005

typhoon.jpgKwak Kyung-taek made millions of friends with his 2001 smash hit Friend 친구 which had all of South Korea imitating Pusan dialect for the next year. With Typhoon he probably lost them all. Allegedly 15 million dollars went into making this melodramatic tearjerker Read the rest of this entry »

Seoul 72 Hours 서울 2001

seoul.jpgKorean-Japanese co-productions have a tendency to produce unfortunate results. Seoul 72 Hours 서울 is a cop flick about a young and ambitious Japanese detective (played by singer Nagase Tomoya 長瀬 智也) who coincidentally gets on the trail of an international gang of terrorists. He is placed under the command of tough guy and charisma canon Choi Min-su, Read the rest of this entry »