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Private Eye 그림자살인 2009 review

private eyeWhat is it about Korean soundtracks that makes them instantly recognizable? Is the ever-present accordion? The dramatic yet light-footed rhythm of the intro (think dancing bears), the canned strings? The Master isn’t sure (which as you know doesn’t happen very often), Read the rest of this entry »


Hera Purple: Devil Goddess 헤라버플 2001 review

hera1A great beginning for the movie publicized as ‘the sexiest and most shocking movie in Korean cinema history‘: a naked crucified body. Then a priest in a church, looking increasingly frightened by two books in front of him that are leaved through by an invisible force, stopping at a page with a picture of Greek goddess Hera. And it gets better. Very pretty ajumma Yi Hyerim Read the rest of this entry »

Rainbow Eyes 가면 2007 review

Rainbow Eyes didn’t immediatelyrainbow1 appeal to Master Lee and the box it came in didn’t help (come on, how many contrasting colours can you get away with?). When he put the disc in his trusty DVD player he had his thumb firmly on the fast-forward button. But lo and behold, he never touched it! Read the rest of this entry »

Epitaph 기담 2007 review

epitaph.jpgThere is little argument that horror movies belong to the pulp genre. Nonetheless, here on Masterly Master Lee you’ll not find too many of them. Why? Because they’re BORING! At least, that is what Master Lee thinks. And pity the fool who’d argue with him. Read the rest of this entry »

Say Yes 세이 예스 2001

say-yes.jpgJust say no to this movie. Trust me. This is no Se7en, Tell Me Something and certainly no Memories of Murder.This is one of those many, many imitations, copies, and cheap reproductions of classic serial killer movies, which time and again fail to achieve any significant standard of quality, originality, creativity or honest workmanship. Say Yes is an attempt to emulate the success of the Korean hit Tell Me Something, a well-written, well-acted and well-directed noir thriller about serial killings in Seoul. Read the rest of this entry »