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No time for watches? 시계위한 시간이 없나?

Master Lee has wondered why most of his opponents in Korea are seriously 빨리빨리 about most things — like hitting the canvas — and yet Korea does not have a watch culture. At least, it doesn’t any more. During the colonial period, both Japanese (Seiko) and American watch manufacturers like Waltham (in the first ad here transliterated in jolly Japanese as “wa-o-ru-sa-mu”) and Elgin (see second insert from Tonga ilbo [Tonga Daily] 21/12/1937) successfully marketed many of their products, primarily pocket watches, to the urban, corporate Korean and Japanese. Read the rest of this entry »


The Korean Kittens’ miniskirt

The Kim Sisters never had any real competition, but one group that at least had a shot at emulating their success in the 1960s was that of the Korean Kittens. Master Lee always had a soft spot for lead singer Yun Pokhŭi, who was born in Seoul on 9 March 1946. Like Sue Kim of the Kim Sisters, Yun’s parents were famous entertainers. Read the rest of this entry »

USO Shows in Korea 한국의 미8군쇼

Since the 1940s the USO has organised all kinds of shows for its servicemen. In the 1940s and late 1950s, the men serving in Korea were on average very young. Whereas the stationing of troops in Japan had been much better planned and prepared (a number of American servicemen sent out spoke Japanese), the occupation of Korea’s southern half was much less so. Read the rest of this entry »

Recorded songs of the Korean War

Thank God for VictoryNope, there are no recordings of Korean songs directly dealing with the Korean War, so all that is left is a number of songs by cynical or optimistic Americans dealing with the horrors of the War. Read the rest of this entry »