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Vintage Korean film posters 2 한국영화 옛 포스터 2

the-stray-bullet.jpgHere are some more vintage Korean film posters. The first one is from what is commonly regarded as the best Korean film ever, The Stray Bullet 誤發彈 (1961). And Master Lee agrees. Although he doesn’t really think in terms of lists with at the top the best (except when it comes to himself, of course), Read the rest of this entry »


Vintage Korean film posters 한국영화 옛 포스터

blue-jeancheongbaji-1974.jpgThese posters make Master Lee feel nostalgic, longing back to his youth when he would watch these movies with his friends in the movie theaters of Chongno in Seoul. He had almost forgotten how beautiful the poster art was in those days. Read the rest of this entry »