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American Ninja The Magnificent 아라한 1986/1988 review

khsMaster Lee is pissed off. He really is. He just went into a well-known thugs den to pick a fight (well, not just one to be honest), beat a few thugs up, get rid of some frustration and cool down a bit. He was anticipating spending an evening at home, working out, felling some trees with his bare hands and watching a new DVD he just received: American Ninja The Magnificent. Read the rest of this entry »


The Resurrection Of The Butterfly 그림자 2007 review

It’s been a while, but Master Lee is finally back from his secret assignment about which he cannot say a word to you. He suffered a lot lately and he is tired beyond imagination. So what’s better than a great sword movie about bad Japanese samurai and good Korean women? Yup, that’s exactly what Master Lee thought as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Shadowless Sword 無影劍 2005 review

shadow1.jpgThis must be my favorite pulp movie or at least one of my favorites. Shadowless Sword 무영검/無影劍 is extremely well-made fun, loaded with historical and contemporary references and with those rare actors who under the right direction gracefully bear the load of impressive action scenes and tongue-in-cheek acting. Read the rest of this entry »

Sword In The Moon 청풍명월 2003

sword.jpgSometimes happiness (or contentment at least) is within easy reach. In this case it is Choi Min-su 최민수 and a sword that make for a great night. Sword In The Moon 청풍명월 is a historical epic of distinct Korean provenance, but filled to the brim with influences of and references to the wuxia 武狹 and chambara genres. Lacking the superhuman martial feats of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or the Korean Shadowless Sword 無影劍 and Bichunmoo 飛天舞, Read the rest of this entry »