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Archive for December, 2007

Wrestling nostalgia

leewangpyo.jpgProfessional wrestling is seen as entertainment rather than a form of sport, but Master Lee says it may just be the purest form of sport there is. After all, sport is not just about winning; it is for the true sport aficionado as much or even more a question of how the game is played. The outcome comes second. Matches in pro wrestling are fixed. Without the outcome as a factor he can determine, the athlete puts everything he has in how he plays the game – or rather, how he fights the fight. As such, professional wrestling is a pure sport, Read the rest of this entry »


He5 – ‘Merry Christmas Psychedelic Sound’ 사이키데릭 사운드

he5.jpg When Master Lee gets into the X-Mas spirit, this beauty by He5 (THL-80, 1969) – not to be confused with He6 – is among the albums he plays over and over. It contains mostly instrumental tracks, which is somewhat strange for a Christmas record, but it does allow the Master to sing along. Read the rest of this entry »

The Pearl Sisters 펄씨스터즈

pearl-sisters-1971.jpgIn the late 1960s and early 1970s the Pearl Sisters were fairly popular, partly because they had the genius of composer – and Korea’s granddaddy of Rock ‘n Roll – Shin Chunghyŏn (of Add 4 fame) behind them, but also because they looked much better than the competition and were often duly complimented on their legs. Read the rest of this entry »

Pulp watch chic?

christi-oneil.jpgWith X-mas approaching fast, Master Lee went out on a bit of a shopping spree and found a real gem of bad taste, made in Korea: Christi Oneil’s SR001-2, from Korea’s “pioneer in sophisticated watch design”, is going to seriously charm his mother in law…

Charisma 카리스마 1997 review

vlcsnap-88488.pngWell, after watching Charisma, there can be only one conclusion. Superheroes do exist and they are very hard to beat, although they seem to be very sentimental and vulnerable to rather pathetic music. From the director who brought us Clementine, this 1997 gangster flick is memorable for two things. Read the rest of this entry »

Gangsters and comics and gangsters in comics

kim-shirasoni-movie.jpgGangster movies in Korea are part of a much bigger cultural field. With roots going back to the birth of Korean cinema under Japanese occupation, the gangster movie has produced a cultural icon that partly fulfills the role of the PI Read the rest of this entry »

The Eastern Night club at Tongdaemun 동대문의 이스턴 나이트크럽

1978.jpgIn the 1970s South Korea saw the emergence of all kinds of dance clubs, including this one. Exclusiveness was part of the attraction it seems: a whopping 19,000 Won just to get in… Read the rest of this entry »