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Archive for June, 2007

Rules of the Gangs 건달의 법칙

14059.jpgThousands of video’s with gangster movies on them must be running the risk of extinction in South Korea. The friendly neighborhood video shop has lost the battle with the South Korean version of Blockbusters. Their stock is discarded or ends up in the hands of wholesalers. As a result, the low-budget pulpies disappear. More often than not, the original spools are gone and there is little interest (and no funds) to transfer these movies to dvd. Some of them, however, escape the quiet extinction of their kind. Rules of the Gangs is one of those movies. Read the rest of this entry »


Clementine 클레멘타인

clementine.jpgClementine isn’t the worst Korean movie ever. That honor probably goes to gangster flick Rules of the Gangs or one of the generic melodrama’s South Korea keeps curning out. Clementine was made by martial arts movie director Kim Du-young (김두영), Read the rest of this entry »

Killing Game 킬링 게임 1996

killinggame.jpgNo better way to start this blog than a posting on a very typical gangster pulp video. I just watched Killing Game, a 1996 direct-to-video pulpie about a gangster who is forced to enter a cage fight competition for the evil crime lord (no, this is not a tautology. The movie also features a good crime lord) of his mining home town. The acting is atrocious (worst acting honors go to the Bored Rich Lady), the dialogues surreal (not a good thing here), the sex gratuitous and violent, the plot absent, but the fighting is actually pretty good. Read the rest of this entry »

The Showdown 거칠마루

Martial arts, unknown actors, gangsters, competing fighting styles, seven people wondering: “Who is the best?” Sounds like a typical martial arts low-budget movie, but Kim Jin-seong’s The Showdown is anything but typical. Yes, it is low-budget and, yes, it is about who can kick ass best,geolchilmaru1.jpg but there the similarities end. The Showdown is a thoroughly enjoyable, well-acted, well-thought out and funny little gem of a movie. It’s a story about the quest for Geochilmaru, a martial artist whose prowess in posting messages on, a martial arts website, has won him the admiration of many martial artists. Read the rest of this entry »