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Seoul 72 Hours 서울 2001

seoul.jpgKorean-Japanese co-productions have a tendency to produce unfortunate results. Seoul 72 Hours 서울 is a cop flick about a young and ambitious Japanese detective (played by singer Nagase Tomoya 長瀬 智也) who coincidentally gets on the trail of an international gang of terrorists. He is placed under the command of tough guy and charisma canon Choi Min-su, who is distinctly unimpressed with his new colleague. The stage is set for a replay of the Clint Eastwood-Charlie Sheen classic The Rookie, but the script writer was on strike, because the story spins of in different directions, dropping hints and story lines all over the place, but hardly ever following them up. The plot elements were shamelessly ripped from Die Hard, Speed and the Dirty Harry series (probably by the script writer’s intern who was not on strike) and put together in a fashion that would embarrass most home movie editors. Although we finally do kinda find out why Choi is so pissed off with the rookie under his command, the number of loose ends that have not been tied up when the end credits appear, is enough to knot a tapestry from. Even the charisma of Choi can’t rescue this movie. A pity, because a sensible script and good editing would have made this an enjoyable movie.

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