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Pullip, Dal and Byul to the rescue!

Shopping for nunchucks in Hong Kong in June 2010, Master Lee noted some rather overdressed but cute birds (dare we say wannabe Thunderbirds?) at a shopping mall. Practically preceding the success of limited edition vinyl toys, back in 2003 the Cheonsang Cheonha company launched a line of more exclusive and therefore more collectable alternatives for doll-totin’ toddlers, girlies and geeks, the Pullip. The cute dolls have a fairly large head with big eyes on a slim frame, so they do not resemble las Barbistas much at all, and they can be customized easily, by changing the hairs, or the clothing, or even the colour of their eyes. Alternatively, one could pull out a limb and attach it back in the wrong place, Master Lee style. Shown here is Dal, Pullip’s younger sister. The style displayed is clearly very rococo (as in the must-see movie Kamikaze Girls), a somewhat dressed-down version of which might be labeled Victorian (picture was taken in downtown Shanghai in 2008), and both are popular in China. In English, Dal sounds a little too Ozy, though, whereas Pullip could be mistaken for polip, “a type of tissue that will build up where it shouldn’t”. Well, Master Lee’s decided it was invented because the people at Cheonsang Cheonha had trouble saying pulp, which is exactly why we like them.


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