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Korea’s official romanization system seoks

Okay, so you still wonder why foreigners remain wary of Korean officials telling them how to romanize Korean sounds in their own language? Well, here’s why:

The Ddung station of littepiginsea

And we quote: “I am a fan of Ddung. She brings a lot of happiness to me ! […] I hope you can like Ddung also!” Master Lee wonders whether to introduce his cousins to this new cutesy… or let them play with Pooh instead?

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“Romanization”은 “영문 표기”와는 아무 관련 없습니다. 이런 분들께서 베트남 가면 “Na Trang”이 “나 트랭”이지, 어떻게 “나짱”이냐고 바득바득 우기거나, 몽골 가면 키릴 문자만 보고, 아, 거기서는 몽골어 대신 러시아어를 쓰더라 하고 꼭 이상한 소리 하시지요. 뭐, 본문 中 “foreigners”를 “양키들”로 바꾼다면 그래도 참작할 여지가 있습니다만…

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