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Most excellent searches that maketh the Master happy Lee!

Dear Masterlies,
We cherish, frame and covert your visits, but those of you who stumble upon us through most excellent google searches deserve a special accolade. Here are some of the searches that maketh the Master that is Lee proud:
11/12 – “merry psychedelic christmas” (we don’t think this is a contradiction…)
12/12 – “jingle bells psychedelic” (if you’re psychedelic, you will have heard them)

27/12 – “south korea pretentious blog” (that’s us!)
1/1 – “erotic charisma Korean” (whoar…)
2/1 – “famous converts to Protestantism” (How the ^#$& did this search lead to the master?)
13/1 – “gangster martial artist beauty” (there are many of those; lucky you came to us)
13/1 – “gangsters with baseball bats” (would you have found us if you typed “with baseball caps”?)
16/1 – “female ultimate wrestling fight comics”
16/1 – “bruce lee hapkido film set”
20/1 – “‘I want to be left alone’ sixties” (you probably thought of the seventies too, no?)
29/1 – “best … ever” (yeah, that is so …, you know… ^^)
6/3 – “actress with long black hair”
9/3 – “cyborg faces”
9/3 – “dave mcenery + dust on mothers bible”,
and fnally:
20/4 – “just say yes to god” (Master Lee says oh my God, no!)
24/5 – ‘shina shrink cream’ (Master Lee is flabbergasted)
11/5 – ‘korean movie head butt king’ (You rang, Mylord?)
12/5 – ‘comic gangsters getting beaten’ (Can you say: ‘By Master Lee’?)
14/5 – ‘scary woman’ (not to Master Lee, I don’t think)
14/5 – ‘sisters with swords’ (wonderful, please drop Master Lee a mail where he can find them)
19/5- ‘stray women sex’ (yeah, baby, yeah!)
20/5 – ‘scantily clad damsels in distress’  (Master Lee is purring with delight, it’s getting better and better…)
18/9 – ‘scary women’ (we hear you, man, we hear you!)
27/11 – ‘deadly karate woman photos’ (oooooh yeah!)
Always proudly yours at the end of your quest…
M. Lee

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