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Quick Man 追殺令 2002 review + update

quickman.jpgThis is directly from the back of the DVD: “The death of a company CEO triggers a battle for his estate, when his will indicates that he leaves everything to his missing granddaughter. Now everyone in the company must compete to find her first.” Yup, and that’s Quick Man in a nutshell. An entertaining gangster flick, very conventionally done with nice fights and stock characters of impressive shallowness. Nonetheless, fun, especially when the quick service guy is helped out by his boss, who turns out to be a well-respected retired gangster. What I learned from this movie? It confirmed once again that you don’t mess with guys riding on motor bicycles in Seoul, no matter how scruffy they look. Traditional stuff, low budget, unknown actors and actresses. Brought to you by Lee Heok-su 李學洙 and starring Yun Se-wung 連世雄 and Jeon Hye-Yun 鄭惠賢. Honest pulp.

UPDATE 28 January 2008

On the cover of the Hong Kong issued DVD it said that the director was Lee Heok-su 李學洙. Master Lee should have known, that Lee Heok-su should be Lee Hyeoksu 李赫洙, the legendary Korean action director who has stood at the helm of action moves since 1967! He made more than 50 films and here in tribute to Lee Hyeoksu, Master Lee has collected a few of the posters of his movies.


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