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He5 – ‘Merry Christmas Psychedelic Sound’ 사이키데릭 사운드

he5.jpg When Master Lee gets into the X-Mas spirit, this beauty by He5 (THL-80, 1969) – not to be confused with He6 – is among the albums he plays over and over. It contains mostly instrumental tracks, which is somewhat strange for a Christmas record, but it does allow the Master to sing along. It offers a little swing, but mostly psychedelic instrumental scatting-like guitar jams and chords. The long Jingle Bells cover on the B-side does not have a Korean Sinatra, unfortunately (for this, check out E Paksa’s fabtastic X-mas album), but it covers Iron Butterfly’s In-a-gadda-da-vida (yes, again: Master Lee is told there have been maaaaany Korean versions of this song), as well as a snippet of Paint it Black, while maintaining Jingle Bells as the main theme… An unusual feat considering the censorship committee’s ambitions at the time.

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