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The Eastern Night club at Tongdaemun 동대문의 이스턴 나이트크럽

1978.jpgIn the 1970s South Korea saw the emergence of all kinds of dance clubs, including this one. Exclusiveness was part of the attraction it seems: a whopping 19,000 Won just to get in… Song listening and singing clubs already existed, but now clubs specifically catering to a boogie-hungry audience emerged. This poster from 1978 has the quintessential taste in layout and design we have come to appreciate so much here at Masterly Master Lee. Note, in particular, the slogan 음료수만 드셔도 정중히 모십니다 (somewhat freely translated: “although you may just be drinking soft drinks, well still treat you with respect”). The act “Seoul Family” remained active for many years, and in 1987 recorded a cover version of Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora’s 1984 ‘When the Rain Begins to Fall’. For more information on the Seoul Family’s wondrous hair styles and more, click: here

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  pulp lover wrote @

And if there is one ’80’s pulpy video, it must be ‘When The Rain Begins to Fall’ with the Karate Kid inspired flying kicks and all….

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