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Run 2U 런투유 2003 review

run2u.jpgPretentious pulp is about as hard to stomach as pretentious art-house cinema. And this Japanese-Korean co-production is pretentious. Two Japanese-Korean best friends (a lethargic singer of love songs and a would-be yakuza) flee Japan after one of them has earned the enmity of the local crime lord by cozying up to his less than brilliant daugther. They hide in Korea and the director scatters clues around the place like it’s Christmas intimating that this might well be a film noir with a not so happy ending. Before we get to the eagerly awaited ending, though, we are forced to meet the proverbial hooker with the heart of gold and the spoiled, yet beautiful, stupid and very much infatuated daughter of the aforementioned friendly neighborhood crime lord. Looks of deep significance have replaced acting and dialogues, while this modern day Romeo and Juliet story unravels against the background of the City (estrangement, existential loneliness, too many subways and speeding cars, indifference; you know the drill). Nope, I’d rather watch a badly produced, badly acted, mainstream yakuza movie. Master Lee watched it and ran away, too.

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