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Four Toes 4발가락 2002 review

four-toes.jpgThis is the kind of movie that gives gangster movies a bad name. Not satisfied with producing a gangster comedy, that unfortunate bastard child of two genres that should have stayed away from each other, the producers of Four Toes felt it necessary to drag the viewer with them into the darkest depths of cinematic stupidity and meaninglessness.The eponymous ‘four toes’ are four high school friends who each in their own funny little way have a complementary talent that does them much good while carving out a living for themselves as gangsters. It hardly needs to be said but these four lads take good care of their aging mothers, and really, they are not so bad. Being a gangster is just a career choice. Despite the many well-known faces, this movie is perhaps the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Aspiring to be an action comedy, it doesn’t quite get there, but gets stuck at the bottom, the absolute low being the supposedly funny rape of an up-and-coming TV starlet. Horrendously stupid and offensive movie. Master Lee declined to comment, fearing that he might be censored.

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