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The Korean Connection 1977

koreanconnection.jpgI think this is a nice movie. I guess, because it seems to have been made up from left-overs from other movies. This is the story how it is supposed to be: “Korean martial arts star Yong Chul stars as “Tiger”, a loner fighter with a deadly kick! Here he takes on a group of Japanese mobsters who have taken over the local city. It is a race against time as Tiger must fight his way to uncover “The Korean Connection”!” Does he or doesn’t he? I don’t know, he does fight with a truly sordid and creepy Japanese (whose father looks like an incarnation of Genghis Khan), but that’s as far as I could follow the story. The appearance of the mysterious stranger stays mysterious until the end. I think somebody inadvertently edited out the scene in which his background and allegiances are explained. Apart from that, hugely entertaining old school Korean Kung Fu. Just sit back and relax and don’t try to understand what is going on. You won’t succeed and it will spoil the fun. Be sure to recognize the uncredited famous legs behind one of the supporting actors: they belong to the “King of the Leg Fighters”, Hwang Jang Lee. As far as the DVD is concerned, it is to be expected that these transfers aren’t very good and that’s how it is here. Video and audio are passable at best, but that only adds to the charm of this classic low budget martial arts flick made in cooperation with the Hong Kong industry. An honest if somewhat poor pulpie.

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