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Family: Action Vs. Love 패밀리 2002

family-action-vs-love.gifWell, I guess I had it coming. I am quite vocal about my love for really bad Korean gangster movies and in general low standards and budgets do not scare me off. There is one exception, though. Really bad gangster comedies. I can’t stand them. They sully the genre and aggravate the hell out of me. Family: Action Vs. Love has all the ingredients to ruin a perfectly good viewing experience. It can’t decide whether it wants to be a gangster flick or a comedy. It is so predictable that the conventions of the genre are pretty much the only thing that really stand out in this movie. It’s about two gangster brothers, a smart one and a not so smart one. Their boss is afraid of their pugilistic talents and their loyalty and sends his evil number two after them. And then the fighting begins. The brothers need the rest of the movie to figure out what’s happening, but also manage to pick up two hookers with the proverbial hearts of gold. One of whom is the classy Hwang Shinhye, veteran actress of dozens of movies and TV dramas. But even her presence can’t help this movie. It’s a convincing case for cinematic euthanasia.

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