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Say Yes 세이 예스 2001

say-yes.jpgJust say no to this movie. Trust me. This is no Se7en, Tell Me Something and certainly no Memories of Murder.This is one of those many, many imitations, copies, and cheap reproductions of classic serial killer movies, which time and again fail to achieve any significant standard of quality, originality, creativity or honest workmanship. Say Yes is an attempt to emulate the success of the Korean hit Tell Me Something, a well-written, well-acted and well-directed noir thriller about serial killings in Seoul. Not wanting to put all their money on just one horse, the producers of Say Yes decided to build in some safety-catches: hence, this unfortunate mixture of The Hitcher, Se7en, Copy Cat and at least a dozen other serial killer flicks. Without doubt, this is the worst of them all. In it, an irritatingly naive couple in love can’t seem to get rid of a dangerous hitchhiker. At the end of this atrocious exercise in cinematic futility, you’ll find yourself rooting for the killer. If he has his way, the movie will have to end, won’t it? A huge waste of the talents of Park Jung-hoon who has starred in art films, action movies, gangster pulps and everything in between and an embarrassment to every self-respecting pulp movie. So avoid it, even if it means taking along that dangerous-looking hitchhiker…

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