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Face 페이스 2000

face.jpgOrder some pizza, get out a bottle of plonk and enjoy this deliciously predictable horror flick. No surprises here, but everything has been acted out perfectly. Shin Hyeon-jun is someone who reconstructs faces of dead people and who is plagued by nightmares about a scary woman in white clothes and with long, black hair (sound familiar?). The beautiful Song Yun-ah assists him with the reconstruction of the face of an unidentified body. This movie has stolen so many plot elements from other movies that it is no use to try and summarize it. You’ve seen it all before (and probably better). Funnily, though, this is a strangely likeable movie, even though it can’t decide whether it is a horror movie, a thriller or a CSI-clone. And the end? You’ll see that come tearing up like a bull in heat. After about ten minutes.

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