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Killing Game 킬링 게임 1996

killinggame.jpgNo better way to start this blog than a posting on a very typical gangster pulp video. I just watched Killing Game, a 1996 direct-to-video pulpie about a gangster who is forced to enter a cage fight competition for the evil crime lord (no, this is not a tautology. The movie also features a good crime lord) of his mining home town. The acting is atrocious (worst acting honors go to the Bored Rich Lady), the dialogues surreal (not a good thing here), the sex gratuitous and violent, the plot absent, but the fighting is actually pretty good. And predictable though Killing Game undeniably is, it also offers that special B-movie guilty pleasures trip. The unimaginative direction probably meant that Killing Game has spent the last decade forgotten in the dark corners of Seoul’s rapidly disappearing video shops, but the director did try to show something of the flip side of South Korea’s early nineties’ wealth. If you look past the acting (not an easy task, I grant you), the Bored Rich Lady appears to be not only emblematic for all those pretty, well-proportioned yet decidedly untalented wanna-be actresses who for some time lead a desultory life along the fringes of the movie industry, but also for South Korea’s nouveau riche who shocked the nation with their excessive spending and behavior in the early nineties. Killing Game is a weird mixture of this kind of veiled social criticism, good action sequences, bad acting and hard-to-miss winks to ’80’s Hong Kong martial art movies. It’s probably enough to know that Lee Kwang-su (ironically also the name of Korea’s greatest modernist writer) continued his career by playing in feature length videos adapted from PC games. And not opposite the likes of Raul Julia and Kylie Minoque, I imagine. Reading the DVD’s backside, I just found out that Killing Game is part two in a trilogy in two parts. Can’t wait to watch Underground, the first part. I’ll finally be able to decide whether sequels are better or worse.

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  jung pok wrote @

please, i hope that see the movie…killing time

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